About Vattn

Vattn is a Swedish environment company. We want to help people, communities and going forward, society to understand and value their groundwater.

Through research and development, Vattn reaches down into a hidden world and shows it to those above from a new perspective.

Vattn started in 2019 as a team in the hackathon Hack for Sweden. The entry was selected as the winner in the environment category.

VATTN AB is registered in Sweden with the organisation number SE559237-5868. Approved for F-tax.

Company momentum collage
Won Hack for Swedens environmental category 2019 and Split Challenge 2020. Admitted to Science Park Gotland's Summit program (after Startup program). Granted Vinnova Innovative Startups.


Our duty is to ensure everyone understands how and when it is safe for groundwater consumption, health impacts and ensuring water preparedness as the climate changes.

Value We Provide

  • Ease of mind: Secure access to drinking water
  • Health Wellness: Avoid health risks associated with unknowingly consuming unsafe water
  • Water Preparedness: Be prepared, ahead of climate emergencies


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